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Les Ba'get - Home

LES BA'GET Vietnamese Café presents traditional Vietnamese home cooking to Houston in the heart of Montrose. We strive to use only the freshest and locally produced and take much pride in making all ingredients in house to provide a crisp and healthier taste of Vietnamese home cooking. Experience one of our award-winning sandwiches best known as “Bánh Mì” and sip on our slow dripped “Café Sữa Dá” (iced coffee with condense milk) using our own special blend of coffee beans. Wrap yourself up with our refreshing selections of hand rolled spring rolls with our signature “Nước Mắm” (fish sauce) or warm up your soul to our savory 24-hour slow cooked bowl of “Phở” (beef noodle soup) on any given day. Whatever you may choose, it's homemade to perfection, made to order when you order. Hot and ready, leaving you satisfied to your very last bite.